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Business Insurance Solutions

Time is precious; you focus on your business, let us take care of your insurance needs.

General and professional liability insurance

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General Liability is essential to a business, and does two major things. First, it protects you if someone is injured on your property. Second, it covers the cost of damage to a third-party's property caused by you or your team. Professional liability is equally as important if you're in the business of providing advice. This coverage will protect your business if there are any error or omissions in your work. (E&O or D&O)

Workers Compensation

Construction Workers

Worker's Comp covers expenses your business may incur when an employee experiences a job-related injury or disease.

Employee Practice Liability

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Employee Practice Liability (EPLI) grants protection in case your business is sued as a result of a wrongful termination or sexual harassment claim. Important note: this coverage is NOT included in a General Liability policy.

Commercial Property or vacant land insurance

Interior of Restaurant

Commercial Property protects your office equipment and property in case of loss or theft. These items can range from couches to solar panels, and anything in between.

Commercial Auto

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If you are a business that uses vehicles you own, rent, or lease, then Commercial Auto is highly recommended. This coverage will protect both the vehicles and your business in the event of a loss.

Business Umbrella

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Does your General Liability have enough coverage? Are there situations in when the repair or settlement exceeds your coverage. A Business Umbrella policy can come in to cover the rest of the unforeseen expenses so it does not have to come out-of-pocket from you.

Group health insurance 

Offering your employees health and life insurance while they work for you? We got you covered 

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